Celia Arias is a multi-disciplinary freelance Fashion Stylist and Creative Director based in London (UK). She is a Goldsmiths University of London graduate with over 10 years of experience working in the creative fields. She works closely with clients helping to curate the different stages of the creative production of a project.

+44 7765 657729


Fashion Styling, Creative direction / production, Creative consultancy, Casting, Concept research, Team scouting, Coordinator and team manager for specific campaigns, Art budgeting, Bespoke costumes / apparel

for fashion, music videos, film, advertising campaigns and events.


Edizioni Condè Nast, Coca Cola, MTV Berlin, Holiday Inn, GHD Hair, Barilla, Janine Stone, Pfeffer PR, Blow Factory Paris, TONI&GUY, Carpark Magazine, PIMP Guides London, Room3 Agency, Mobile Life Centre/Digitazing Fashion, Barbara Boner, Theatre de la Mode, Neurotica, Prangsta Costumiers, Glastonbury Festival, Fuji Rock Festival, Weather Festival Paris, Trash City show at the London Roundhouse.


Hunger TV, Schon, Notion, Vision China, MOTHER, Carpark, Zynk, Neo2, Untitled, VN Fold, Pause, Super Super, Flux, Institute, Sneaky magazine.


Dazed Digital, ID online, Vogue Italia online, The Guardian, Vision China, TANK, Carpark Magazine, Tendencias mag, Super Super, Superhero mag.

Celia is the Founder and Creative Director of the independent clothing brand LADY GONZALEZ (, , sold in stores in several cities in Britain and Japan, as well as in Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza and West Hollywood. Her products and artworks have been featured in publications such as ID, Vogue Italia online, The Guardian and Vision China amongst others and exhibited in cities such as London, Bristol, Berlin and Mexico City.